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Can we bring our pets?

Yes, pets are allowed.

Dogs are allowed in the vast majority of pitches (there is a pitch area that is not allowed). In the Neptuno, Mediterraneo, Duna and Tabarca bungalows they are allowed, in the rest they are not.

Can you spend the day at the campsite without actually staying there?

Yes, there are day passes for the swimming pools that you can buy (ask about the prices). Apart from between the 17th of June and the 11th of September when only campers staying in the campsite are allowed.

If I am staying at the campsite, is there free access to all the facilities?

For campers staying at the campsite access to the facilities is free, the only service that they have to pay for is the Spa Marina Senses, where they are given a discount on the generic price.

Is there a private club or a members' club?

There used to be, but now the facilities that had to be paid for or that were for members only, are now free for all campers to use, so there is NOT a members club or a discount card.

What facilities can campers use when they stay at the campsite?

Campers have access to the lake swimming pool, Aquamarina, Gym, Marina Land Children's Games, Marina Park ball pit, sports centre and Disco Anima2.

Can I make a reservation for less than a week?

Yes, apart from in high season when the minimum reservation is for 7 nights. Ask at reception to see when High Season is.

How far is it to the beach?

800 metres away.

Is there Wi-Fi?

Yes, and we have computers too that the campers can pay to use.

Is there entertainment all year round?

Yes, have a look at the dates and times on the website or ask at reception.

Can we bring our bicycles with us?

Yes, of course!

Can I have a barbecue in the campsite?

On the pitches and in the log cabin areas you can have a barbecue but there aren't any specific areas set aside for barbecues in the campsite.

What camper cards are accepted?

Camping Key (please ask about the period when it is valid at reception)


How much is it to use the swimming pool?

Depends on the season. Please ask

Do you have to pay for the water park if you are staying at the campsite?

No, access is free.

Is it an indoor pool?

No, the indoor swimming pool is part of the Spa facilities and it is included in the price of the SPA.


What is there is the log cabin?

The log cabin is fully equipped. You don't need to bring sheets and towels with you.

Are the beds made and the towels changed?

No, only before you go into the log cabin.

How many people maximum can sleep in the log cabin?

5 people per log cabin, except for the Neptune, which sleeps 4.

Can you smoke inside the bungalows?

No, smoking is prohibited inside the bungalow by law. In the event that smoking is detected, the deposit will be withheld.


What is included in the price of the pitch?

Electricity, water and drainage. There are communal sinks that all campers have access to.

Are there tents that are pre-pitched?

No, we do not have pre-pitched tents.

Are people included in the price of the pitch?

No, the number of people using the pitch have to be added to the price of renting the pitch.

Can I make a reservation for a specific pitch?

Yes, if it is available yes you can, ask reception about it.

What is the maximum number of people per pitch?

6 people per pitch.

Can I rent a fridge?

Yes, phone 658 959 584