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Children's entertainment, shows, live music and endless activities and fun for the whole family. Whether it is in our multipurpose room or in the mini-club or the swimming pools, our monitors will make sure you aren't bored even for a second.

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Shows para todos los públicos 2


La Marina Resort puts shows on for all ages right through the year. Adults and children will have a great time in Anima2, a multipurpose room with a large stage and other areas set aside to have fun in.

It has top quality musical equipment and fantastic lighting that really makes the audience feel all emotion and excitement of the show. You can also play snooker, darts , board games, see sports events or just relax with friends listening to music in the same room.

Whether you are a camper staying at La Marina Camping & Resort or not, visit Anima2 and enjoy the summer dances with our entertainment team: you will realise that summer evenings are different at the La Marina Camping & Resort, Alicante.

The opening hours are the same as the Marina terrace. Every weekend in the high season, parties on Fridays and Saturdays (check the entertainment schedule).

Shows para todos los públicos 3

Children's entertainment.

The children have their own leisure areas too at La Marina Camping Resort. Our mini-club, Marina Park and Marinaland have been created so that they have the best time ever at our campsite in Alicante and so they make friends playing numerous games.


Young people from 12 - 18

The Mini Club will delight the little ones. It is the meeting point to take part in endless activities, share experiences and play games with new friends.

Right through the year, there are supervised activities available that are suitable for all ages. We organise cooking, handcraft, drama workshops…

On the second floor of the Mini Club, there is also a cinema room to watch films in or take part in different fun activities.

It is a children's leisure centre to take part in diverse activities under the supervision of the monitors who will make sure the materials and the facilities are used properly and the children are looked after too. Parents are solely responsible for their children who take part in the activities, the monitors are in charge of guiding the children through the activity and making sure that everything goes well.

Mini Club La Marina

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