The farm hands-on

The Devesa Gardens complex gives children the opportunity to see how a real farm with animals that live in the heart of the Nature Reserve of La Albufera is run. It is a practical way for them to learn first hand about the species that live in our farm.

Granja en vivo

Our facilities



Los ponis son unos de los animales favoritos de los niños que visitan nuestra granja por su apariencia adorable.



Did you know that the emu is the second biggest bird after the ostrich? They do not fly and you will be fascinated by the greatness of this animal from Oceania.


We all love to see a family of ducks crossing a path, they are looking forward to meeting you in our farm.



The flocks of sheep with their lambs are part of the Devesa Gardens farm life.



Donkeys are very intelligent and necessary animals in the farm, they always help out with the tasks that have to be done. Meet our little donkey named Felipe!

Mucho mas

And much more!

Living together with the animals on our farm is exciting when you see the little ducks with the tortoises and the birds, hens, partridges and geese walk along together like one big family. You just have to meet them!